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How MSK Is Reducing Inequality in Cancer Care in Harlem and Beyond

Medical Director Lewis Kampel discusses the mission and goals of the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care.

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6 Reasons to Quit Smoking if You Have Cancer

Learn from MSK experts about how to quit smoking if you have cancer. It starts with having honest conversations about smoking and nicotine addiction.

Cartoon of a hand offering cigarettes and another hand declining them.

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What's Become of AIDS-Related Cancers?

Several types of cancer were once strongly linked to an AIDS diagnosis. Thanks to improved HIV medications, that's changing.

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Should I Drink Coffee to Prevent Colorectal Cancer?

Recent studies have raised the possibility that coffee might protect against colorectal cancer. MSK surgeon Garrett Nash advises against jumping to conclusions.

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Helping Hispanics Prevent HPV-Related Cancers: 6 Questions with an MSK Expert

Learn more about HPV and cancer risk in the Hispanic community, which has more cancers linked to the disease than any other group in the United States.

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HPV Testing and Pap Smears: Understanding the Latest Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening

Learn about the latest guidelines for Pap tests, HPV tests, and pelvic exams — including recently updated recommendations.

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Keto Claims: Can Diet Be a Form of Cancer Therapy?

A recent study in mice has sparked interest in the role of diet in cancer treatment.

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Burning Issue: The Truth about Hot Drinks and Esophageal Cancer Risk

There is very little evidence that drinking hot beverages increases esophageal cancer risk.

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How Do Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

Everyone knows that cigarettes cause cancer. But what do we know about how they do it?

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Four Things Researchers Know — and Some Things They Don’t Know — about E-Cigarettes

MSK tobacco treatment expert Jamie Ostroff discusses electronic cigarettes.

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