On Cancer: PSA Testing

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Ask the Expert

4 Things African American Men Should Know about Prostate Cancer

Learn why African American men should be especially mindful of prostate cancer risk.

Black male conferring with female doctor in scrubs.

In the Clinic

MSK Expert Explains New Prostate Cancer Screening Guideline

MSK surgeon James Eastham explains the pros and cons of PSA testing and weighs in on a new US Preventive Services Task Force guideline.

James Eastham, Chief of the Urology Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering


A Single Early PSA Test Found to Predict Long-Term Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

A study led by Memorial Sloan Kettering investigators indicates nearly half of all prostate cancer deaths by age 75 occur in a small group of men with high PSA levels at age 45.

Pictured: Andrew Vickers


Department of Surgery Chair Peter Scardino on Smarter Screening for Prostate Cancer

Dr. Scardino discusses strategies for how physicians and patients can make the best use of PSA testing and prostate cancer treatment.

Pictured: Peter Scardino


Memorial Sloan Kettering Experts Maintain That PSA Screening for Prostate Cancer Saves Lives

Memorial Sloan Kettering's prostate cancer team -- including Howard I. Scher, Chief of the Genitourinary Oncology Service -- disagrees with new PSA screening recommendations released by government task force.

Pictured: Howard Scher