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How to Regain Body Confidence after Cancer

Hear from an MSK social worker about developing body confidence after cancer treatment.

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9 Tips for Caregivers: How to Help a Loved One with Cancer

Hear from members of the MSK community who have cared for a loved one with cancer.

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How to Cope with Holiday Stress When You Have Cancer

Read our suggestions for getting through the holiday season while facing cancer.

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The Benefits of a Metastatic Breast Cancer Support Group: An Interview with a Social Worker

Learn how a support group could help you if you’ve been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.


Losing a Loved One to Cancer: How to Cope with Grief During the Holidays

Learn about how to cope with grief during the holidays from MSK Experts.

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Four Ways You Can Help Support Caregivers

Our social workers give practical tips for how to help relieve the burden of caregiving.

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Can I Breast-feed during Cancer Treatment?

Here’s what to know about breast-feeding during chemotherapy and other treatments for cancer.

A mother being treated for cancer breast-feeds her baby.


5 Ways to Make Travel Easier When Your Child Has Cancer

If you are the parent of a child who has cancer, here are some suggestions to ensure a fun and memorable summer vacation.

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Ask the Expert

Coping with Active Surveillance

Learn strategies for handling anxiety you may feel if you’re in active surveillance, also called watchful waiting, from Memorial Sloan Kettering psychiatrist Andrew Roth.

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