Ways Our Tobacco Treatment Program Can Help You Quit on World No Tobacco Day 2014

By Andrea Peirce,

Pictured: Jamie Ostroff

Become one of the thousands of people that Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Tobacco Treatment Program has helped to quit.

On May 31, people around the globe will observe World No Tobacco Day by abstaining from tobacco use for a 24-hour period. The World Health Organization (WHO) initiated the global campaign in 1988 in part to draw attention to the damaging health effects of tobacco use — the single greatest cause of preventable death worldwide.

Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Tobacco Treatment Program can help you participate in this day of abstinence — and quit for good — through a range of approaches that may include medications and behavioral techniques designed to help you break the physical addiction and learn strategies to resist the urge to use tobacco.

Our experienced team of tobacco treatment experts provides assistance to anyone, from people diagnosed with cancer, cancer survivors, and their family members to individuals who have never had the disease. We work with each person to develop a personalized quit plan that proceeds at your pace and maximizes your chances of permanently stopping tobacco use — whether you smoke, chew, or inhale it.

Learn more through our FAQs on quitting, get the latest information on what experts are saying about whether e-cigarettes help or hinder quitting efforts, or call us at 212-610-0507 to make an appointment for an initial one-hour consultation.

For inspiration from World No Tobacco Day, watch this year’s WHO video on how support for raising taxes on tobacco may be the most effective way to reduce global use.

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