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Janet’s Story: An MSK Patient Speaks Out about LGBT Cancer Risk

Find out how a breast cancer diagnosis led one LGBT activist to a new advocacy role.

Lesbian breast cancer survivor Janet Weinberg

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Women at Average Risk for Breast Cancer Should Start Screening Mammograms at Age 40

After reviewing updated breast cancer screening guidelines from the US Preventive Services Task Force for women at average risk, MSK’s breast experts have elected not to change the institution’s recommendations in any way.

Digital mammogram units as shown here with MSK Breast Imaging Chief Elizabeth Morris and a patient generate more vivid and precise images than older film screening technology is able to capture.

Ask the Expert

Early Detection of Breast Cancer Improves as Screening Tests Evolve

Learn about promising advances in breast cancer screening tests from Elizabeth Morris, MSK’s Breast Imaging Service Chief.

Three side-by-side imaging photos of breast tissue.

Q & A

Diagnostic Radiologist Carol Lee Gives More Insights into Breast Density and Breast Cancer Risk

In this follow-up Q&A, diagnostic radiologist Carol Lee addresses readers’ questions on dense breast tissue and clarifies what breast density could mean for you.

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2014 British Medical Journal Study Should Not Change Mammography Guidelines

Breast cancer experts criticize study suggesting mammograms don’t save lives.

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Amy Robach and the Importance of Annual Mammograms Starting at 40

Good Morning America reporter Amy Robach was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 40 after receiving her first mammogram. For Memorial Sloan Kettering experts, the message behind this story bears repeating: Mammograms save lives.

Pictured: Mammogram


Diagnostic Radiologist Carol Lee Discusses What Women Should Know about Breast Density

A New York State law that went into effect this month requires radiologists to inform women if they have dense breasts. Dr. Lee answers questions about the concept of breast density and what women with dense breast tissue should know.

A patient receives a mammogram, which can determine if she has dense breast tissue


Diagnostic Radiologist Carol Lee Answers Questions about Breast Imaging Methods

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Lee discusses mammography, breast MRI, and breast ultrasound.

Pictured: Carol Lee

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Breast Cancer Risk Higher Than Previously Thought for Some Female Childhood Cancer Survivors

A new study confirms that female childhood cancer survivors who were treated with radiation to the chest have a high risk of developing breast cancer at a young age – a risk that is comparable to that of women who have mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes.

Pictured: Chaya Moskowitz

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MRI Use in Breast Cancer

Research published in the November 19 issue of The Lancet finds that MRI use for breast cancer screening in women at high risk for the disease – due to family history or a genetic mutation – detects more cancers than screening mammography.

Pictured: Monica Morrow