On Cancer

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At Work: Nurse Practitioner Ethel Law

Advanced practice nurse Ethel Law combines patient care with research into improving patients’ quality of life. Find out more about her.

Pictured: Ethel Law


Strategies for Women to Cope with Sexual and Vaginal Health Concerns Related to Cancer

Therapies are often available for women dealing with sexual and vaginal health concerns related to cancer and its treatment.

Clinical psychologist and certified sexual therapist Jeanne Carter


Urologist John Mulhall Explains Strategies for Addressing Sexual Health Concerns for Men with Cancer

Dr. Mulhall, director of Memorial Sloan Kettering's Male Sexual and Reproductive Medicine Program, explains common concerns about male sexual health and offers advice for men and their partners.

Pictured: John Mulhall

In the Clinic

Medication Used Before, During, and After Radiation Treatment Helps Men with Prostate Cancer Maintain Overall Sexual Function

Study signals hope for maintaining sexual function in men undergoing radiation treatment for prostate cancer.

Pictured: Michael Zelefsky