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Gene Mutations in the Blood Can Complicate Findings from Tumor Sequencing

A blood condition related to aging can lead to misinterpreting tumor data.

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Highlights from ASCO 2018: Immunotherapy for Endometrial Cancer, Benefits of Exercise, and Promising New Targeted Drugs

Couldn't make it to the American Society of Clinical Oncology's annual meeting this year? Read this summary of some main takeaways.

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Some Women with Early Breast Cancer May Not Need Chemotherapy, Study Says

Learn about the results of a trial showing that women with intermediate-risk breast cancer may not need chemotherapy.

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Genomic Marker Is Associated with Lynch Syndrome, a Hereditary Cancer Condition, Across Many Different Cancers

Tumors with a biomarker called high microsatellite instability have been linked to inherited cancer mutations.

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Targeted Therapy Slows Growth of Most Common Type of Advanced Breast Cancer

A clinical trial provides evidence that blocking a protein called PI3K can be an effective treatment strategy for breast cancer.

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In the Clinic

Immunotherapy Combination Is Better than Chemotherapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

MSK’s Matthew Hellmann led an international, phase III trial looking at the combination of immunotherapy drugs ipilimumab and nivolumab.

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What Is Your Microbiome? And Three Things That Could Change It

Discover what researchers are learning about the microbiome and the effects it may have on your health.


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The Science of Eating Well: MSK Research Focuses on Nutrition after a Stem Cell Transplant

Learn about how nutrition experts are helping people with cancer maintain a healthy diet both during and after treatment.

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Immunotherapy Drug Shows Promise for Metastatic Merkel Cell Carcinoma

An immunotherapy drug might be an effective initial treatment for people with metastatic Merkel cell carcinoma.

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New Classification System Will Improve Diagnosis and Treatment of Brain Tumors

There are more than 100 subtypes of brain tumors, making them a challenge to accurately diagnose. Now researchers have figured out a way to reliably distinguish them.

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