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MSK Convocation and Commencement Ceremony Celebrates Distinguished Scientists and Young Scholars

Degrees were presented and awards were given at the 38th annual ceremony held on May 18.

Graduates and speakers pose on a stage

Science Byte

Lifeguard on Duty: Looking at DNA Repair under a Microscope

Learn about what DNA repair looks like under a microscope.

Blue cells containing small red dots on a green and black background

Q & A

Q & A: Which Complementary Therapies Work Best for Women With Breast Cancer?

Integrative medicine specialists determine which complementary therapies appear to be most effective.

Female instructor leading a “chair yoga” class with female patients seated with back to camera and arms stretched to side.

In the Lab

Why Immune Cells Sometimes Fail to Fight Cancer (and What to Do about It)

By looking at how DNA is packaged in cells, scientists are teasing apart a long-standing conundrum about the immune response to cancer.


MSK Symposium Honors Dinshaw Patel, Titan of Structural Biology

Scientists came to MSK to celebrate the 75th birthday of a leader in the field of structural biology.

in the Lab

Jumping Genes and the Dark Genome: MSK Researchers Gain New Insight into Childhood Cancers

Researchers have discovered a genetic mechanism that may trigger most childhood cancers.

Cartoon illustration of DNA double-helix segment (with arms and legs) “jumping” to from one part of the double-helix to another.

Making a Splash: Researchers Apply Face-Detection Technology to the Study of Genes

Taking a cue from smartphone technology, scientists are using face-recognition algorithms to improve RNA interference.

Mount Rushmore viewed through face-detection software.

Q & A

New Recommendation against Thyroid Cancer Screening Matches MSK’s Approach

Learn why experts think routine screening for thyroid cancer is not a good idea.

Doctor on left conducts examination of neck of patient who is on right.

In the Lab

New Study Shows How Wayward Chromosomes Get Back on Track

MSK researchers are learning how cells are able to recognize and correct errors that occur during cell division.

A cell in the process of dividing

In the Lab

Reaching a Milestone: Researchers Report Results of First 10,000 Patients Analyzed by MSK-IMPACT

Researchers are reporting the first results from MSK’s genomic sequencing test, which analyzes patients’ tumors and helps match them to the best treatment.

Test tube of blood with genetic code in the background