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In the Lab

Resistance Is Futile: Targeted Treatment Makes Stubborn Cancers Responsive to Immunotherapy

New research on an experimental drug provides hope for better responses to immunotherapy.

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Why Is Pancreatic Cancer So Hard to Treat?

Learn why pancreatic cancer has long foiled effective treatments — and why this could soon change.

Illustration of human body with pancreas exploded to side and magnified.

In the Clinic

Older Age Is Not a Limiting Factor for Lung Cancer Surgery

Learn why surgery is still a good option for older patients with early-stage lung cancer.

Doctor and patient looking at x-ray of lungs.


Shorter, Safer, Smarter: How MSK Enhances Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer

MSK leads the way in optimizing radiation treatment for breast cancer patients.

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How to Manage Menopause Symptoms after Breast Cancer

Learn how to manage menopause symptoms if you have breast cancer


What You Should Know about Metastatic Breast Cancer

Medical oncologist Chau Dang explains that patients living with metastatic breast cancer have more treatment options than ever before.

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What You Need to Know about Male Breast Cancer

MSK experts discuss risk factors, symptoms, and treatment for male breast cancer.

Medical oncologist Ayca Gucalp


What Every Man Should Know about Radiation Therapy for Prostate Cancer

It can be hard to understand all the various radiation therapy options for prostate cancer. Here, we explain.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Radiation Oncology Vice Chair Michael Zelefsky


Should I Take Antidepressants If I Have Cancer?

Learn about different medications cancer patients can take to cope with depression and anxiety.

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Do Cancer Vaccines Have a Shot at Success?

After a string of failures, therapeutic cancer vaccines have acquired something of a bad rap. Can we do better?

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