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Caring for Your Faith and Spirit following a Cancer Diagnosis

Chaplaincy provides spiritual care that addresses questions of identity, meaning, value, and worth that may or may not be expressed in religious terms.

Pictured: All Faith Chapel


Study Offers Insight into “Obesity Paradox” in Kidney Cancer

Investigators have found a possible molecular explanation for why obese people with kidney cancer tend to fare better despite having a higher rate of diagnosis.


Meet Thoracic Surgeon Robert Downey

Thoracic surgeon Robert Downey talks about the quality of the multidisciplinary care at Memorial Sloan Kettering and the experience of following patients for years after helping to cure them.

Pictured: Robert Downey

In the News

New Ad Campaign Features MSK Cancer Alliance

Richard Barakat, Deputy Physician-in-Chief for our Regional Care Network and Alliances, answers questions about the MSK Cancer Alliance, featured in a new advertising campaign.

Pictured: Rich Barakat


What You Need to Know about Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

A recent web chat features medical oncologist Steven M. Horwitz discussing advances in the diagnosis and treatment of lymphoma.

Pictured: Steven M. Horwitz

Cancer Guide

New Information about Diagnosing and Treating Soft Tissue Sarcoma at Memorial Sloan Kettering

We offer unparalleled expertise in understanding and treating the more than 70 subtypes of soft tissue sarcoma identified to date.

Pictured: William Tap

In the Clinic

Poking Holes in Cancer — One Electric Current at a Time

Irreversible electroporation – a new, minimally invasive treatment that uses electric current to poke tiny holes in cell membranes – is showing promise against hard-to-treat tumors.

Pictured: Stephen Solomon


Meet Radiation Oncologist Simon Powell

Simon Powell leads the Department of Radiation Oncology and focuses in his research on the treatment of breast cancer, including the role of DNA repair deficiencies in breast cancer and breast cancer genetics.

Simon Powell

In the Clinic

Obesity Linked to Poor Prognosis in Tongue Cancer

Obesity in patients with early-stage tongue cancer has been linked to a five-fold increase in the risk of death.

In the Clinic

Blanket Coverage: New Radiation Technique Improves Breast Cancer Treatment

A new approach for treating breast cancer spreads radiation doses over a larger number of beams, providing more thorough coverage.

Pictured: Alice Ho