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In the Lab

More Precise Imaging of Prostate Cancer Could Give Insight into Drug Effectiveness

An antibody that targets a protein specific to prostate cells can be used to image prostate cancer more clearly and indicate how well drugs are working.

PET/CT scan of mouse prostate (displayed in green and orange).


T Is for T Cell: The Science Behind Immunotherapy

By deciphering the biology of T cells, MSK scientists gave immunotherapy a boost.

T cells on the loose.


Can Acupuncture Improve Sleep for Breast Cancer Survivors with Hot Flashes? New Study Says Yes

Discover how acupuncture may help improve sleep in women with breast cancer who have hot flashes.

In the Lab

Researchers Gain Insight into How a Drug Fires Up an Immune Response to Cancer

Scientists have learned that a drug activates a form of highly inflammatory programmed cell death called pyroptosis — a discovery that sheds light on immune function.

Image of fireball-type explosion on black background.

In the Clinic

GPS-Type Radiation System Allows Pinpoint Targeting of Lung Cancer

A GPS-type system using tiny markers as beacons is helping make radiation treatment for lung cancer safer and more precise.

Doctor in white coat standing next to treatment table with patient lying on her back underneath radiation devices.


Memorial Sloan Kettering and Hackensack Meridian Health Announce Cancer Care Partnership in New Jersey

Leaders from both institutions announced their collaboration and shared details about what it can mean for people with cancer in the state and throughout the world.

Executives at Memorial Sloan Kettering and Hackensack Meridian Health announce a partnership at a press conference


Losing a Loved One to Cancer: How to Cope with Grief During the Holidays

Learn about how to cope with grief during the holidays from MSK Experts.

Orange candle burning

In the Lab

Targeting DNA Repair in Breast Cancer: PARP Inhibitors and Beyond

Scientists are looking to exploit defects in DNA repair as an Achilles’ heel in cancer.

A drawing of a DNA molecule with enzymes.

In the Clinic

Study Findings Could Help Women Make Decisions about Breast Cancer Surgery

Women who have reconstructive surgery after mastectomy and radiation for breast cancer are usually more satisfied with the results when their own tissue is used instead of implants.

Surgeon in scrubs operating on patient.


How to Prepare for Your First Phone Call to MSK

Learn how to go about making an appointment at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Phone call to Memorial Sloan Kettering