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In the Lab

Large Genetic Study Could Improve Endometrial Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

An analysis of endometrial cancers reveals genetic information that should improve diagnosis and guide treatments for women with an aggressive form of the disease.

Pictured: Douglas Levine

In the Lab

Research Suggests a New Approach for Overcoming Resistance to a Targeted Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Research suggests that a new drug could be effective in patients with prostate cancer who develop resistance to the targeted therapy enzalutamide.

Pictured: Charles Sawyers


At Work: Physician-Scientist Liang Deng

Physician-scientist Liang Deng cares for patients with melanoma and other skin cancers, and also conducts innovative research on poxviruses.

Pictured: Liang Deng


Meet Urologic Cancer Surgeon Guido Dalbagni

Dr. Dalbagni – who cares for patients with bladder cancer, kidney cancer, penile cancer, and sarcomas – explains treatments offered at Memorial Sloan Kettering, which can help patients maintain their quality of life.

Pictured: Guido Dalbagni

In the Clinic

Studies Show Promise for Treatment Advances in Several Types of Sarcoma

Two clinical trials of targeted therapies led by Memorial Sloan Kettering investigators show promising results against different types of sarcoma.

Pictured: Gary Schwartz & Mark Dickson


Enhancing the Look and Feel of Memorial Sloan Kettering for Patients and Staff

The Society of MSKCC’s Patient Environment Program funds projects aimed at enriching Memorial Hospital’s physical environment and the comfort of our patients.

Pictured: CinemaVision goggles


A Single Early PSA Test Found to Predict Long-Term Risk of Aggressive Prostate Cancer

A study led by Memorial Sloan Kettering investigators indicates nearly half of all prostate cancer deaths by age 75 occur in a small group of men with high PSA levels at age 45.

Pictured: Andrew Vickers


Genetic Counseling and Genetic Screening for Cancer

Genetic counselor Megan Harlan Fleischut discusses hereditary cancers and the services offered by Memorial Sloan Kettering’s clinical genetics experts.

Pictured: Megan Harlan Fleischut & Kenneth Offit


Virtual Programs Provides Patients with Online Cancer Support and Education

Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Virtual Programs offers patients private, online support and education sessions to participate in from home or work.

Pictured: Virtual Programs


Studies Report on Latest Advances in Targeted Therapy for Breast Cancer

Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Physician-in-Chief, José Baselga, explains the findings from three studies on new targeted therapies for breast cancer.

Pictured: José Baselga