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Should I Get a Second Opinion?

You’ve been diagnosed with cancer and want a second opinion about the recommended treatment or about the diagnosis itself. Here are the steps you should take.

Female doctor consults with female patient.


Zap! How X-Rays Became a Targeted Weapon against Cancer

Discover what Memorial Sloan Kettering contributed to the science and medicine of x-rays.

William Coley administers radiation to a patient with one of the first x-ray machines.


Four Ways You Can Help Support Caregivers

Our social workers give practical tips for how to help relieve the burden of caregiving.

Photo of four people around a table smiling and conversing.

In the Lab

New Immunotherapy Approach Turns Cells into “Micro-Pharmacies”

A new immunotherapy approach involves engineering CAR T cells to produce proteins that treat lymphoma.

Illustration of CAR T cells with conveyor belts leading out of them carrying HVEM protein in tablet form.


Gene Discovery Could Lead to More-Personalized Treatment with Immunotherapy

Researchers have found two gene mutations that many exceptional responders to ipilimumab have in common.

Nadeem Riaz and Timothy Chan


Six Myths about Donating Bone Marrow and Stem Cells

Bone marrow transplants can be a lifesaving treatment for cancer patients, many of whom rely on cells from unrelated donors.

In the Clinic

Treating Brain Cancer with Radiation Plus Immunotherapy: A Successful Synergy?

MSK’s Kathryn Beal presents new findings on combining radiation with immunotherapy for brain cancer.

MSK radiation oncologist Kathryn Beal


Hot Times in “Radium Hospital”: The History of Radium Therapy at MSK

Learn why MSK was once nicknamed “Radium Hospital” and what it meant for cancer treatment.

Man working at radon gas capture apparatus at Memorial Hospital.


Five Natural Remedies for Dry Mouth (Xerostomia)

Discover five natural remedies for mouth dryness (xerostomia) and mouth sores, common side effects of cancer treatment.

A bowl of ginseng root sitting next to a teapot.

Patient Story

The Mighty Finn: A Transplant Success Story

Learn how a bone marrow transplant saved the life of a child with a rare blood disease.

Smiling boy lying on board in the surf at the beach.