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Picturing How Cells Communicate

Developmental biologists are studying mouse embryos under the microscope to understand how embryonic cells communicate with one another.

Seven-day old mouse embryo


Radiation as Weapon and Cancer Cure: MSK Doctor Unearths Surprising History

An effort to develop a radiation test after 9/11 inspires a trip through medical history.

Total body irradiation unit at Memorial Hospital circa 1931


How Much Do You Know about Gynecologic Cancers? Take Our Quiz

In honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, test your knowledge of women’s cancers.

Memorial Sloan Kettering gynecologic surgeon Ginger Gardner, who practices in Manhattan and West Harrison, New York


6 Myths about Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is among the most commonly prescribed, and commonly misunderstood, cancer treatments. It’s time to revise what you thought you knew.

Woman preparing for chemotherapy with nurse and caregiver at Memorial Sloan Kettering Westchester

In the Clinic

Can Women with Early-Stage Breast Cancer Safely Avoid Chemotherapy?

A new study suggests that many women with early-stage breast cancer receiving chemotherapy to prevent recurrence do not need it. Here, we look at the evidence.

Medical oncologist and breast cancer doctor Tiffany Traina

Q & A

MSK Named a Best Hospital for Gynecology by U.S. News

Learn why MSK was ranked one of the very best hospitals for gynecology in the country by U.S. News & World Report.

Gynecologic oncologist Nadeem Abu-Rustum

Q & A

Urologic Care: What Makes MSK Stand Out

Learn why MSK’s outstanding care for prostate, bladder, kidney, and testicular cancers resulted in U.S. News naming it one of the best hospitals for urology.

Doctor in white coat speaks to patient whose back is to camera.


Microorganisms in the Gut Can Affect Cancer Outcomes

Discover how microbiome research is revealing the role that bacteria play in cancer treatment.

rod-shaped bacteria


New Cancer Imaging Approach Could Enable Better Detection of Pancreatic Tumors

A new radiopharmaceutical for detecting pancreatic cancer is being evaluated in the first-ever clinical trial of this new drug.

Three images of pancreas tumor

Ask the Expert

Can I Breast-feed during Cancer Treatment?

Here’s what to know about breast-feeding during chemotherapy and other treatments for cancer.

A mother being treated for cancer breast-feeds her baby.