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In the Lab

Women with Early Breast Cancer Can Ward Off Heart Problems with Exercise

Discover how exercise can reduce the long-term risk of cardiovascular disease in women with early-stage breast cancer.

A woman who is exercising checks her heart rate.


Combination Immunotherapy Shows New Promise for Lung Cancer

Results to be presented at the upcoming American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting suggest combination immunotherapy may help more people with the most common form of lung cancer.

Lung cancer and immunotherapy expert Matthew Hellmann

In the News

Between the Moon and New York City: Vice President Biden Leads MSK Cancer Moonshot Roundtable

Find out what Vice President Joe Biden had to say when he visited MSK for a roundtable “cancer moonshot” discussion.

Vice President Joe Biden led a roundtable “cancer moonshot” discussion at Memorial Sloan Kettering


Uncertainties about Clinical Trials Keep Patients from Enrolling

Most people are aware of how important clinical trials for cancer are and how they can lead to lifesaving breakthroughs, but they’re also unlikely to participate in them.

A young female doctor in a white coat sits with an older male patient in an exam room

In the Clinic

Immunotherapy Drug Approved for Treatment of Hodgkin Lymphoma

The immunotherapy drug nivolumab is now approved for patients whose Hodgkin lymphoma has failed other treatments.

A Hodgkin lymphoma survivor who received nivolumab as part of a clinical trial.

In the Clinic

FDA Approves “Game Changer” Immunotherapy Drug for Bladder Cancer

The FDA approved the immunotherapy drug atezolizumab for people with metastatic urothelial bladder cancer, the first new treatment for this form of the disease in more than 20 years.

Bladder cancer survivor and his wife on a sailboat.


The Future of Cancer Research: Five Reasons for Optimism

Discover some of the most exciting research that Memorial Sloan Kettering scientists are pursuing in the fight against cancer.

DNA molecules wrapped around histones

In the Clinic

Robot-Assisted Surgery at MSK Helps a Growing Number of Patients

MSK performs the highest number of robot-assisted surgeries in the United States, enabling more patients to have a shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery.

A man standing with his wife and three sons.


Is Chemo Brain Real?

Cancer treatments like chemotherapy may cause cognitive changes, which experts call “chemo brain.” Learn how Memorial Sloan Kettering experts help patients with this condition.

author finds help for chemo brain


6 Myths about Testicular Cancer

Separate fact from fiction regarding testicular cancer.

Man examining himself.