Stomach (Gastric) Cancer: Related News

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Pictured: Vivian Strong
Meet Gastric and Adrenal Surgeon Vivian Strong

Dr. Strong, a minimally invasive surgery specialist, talks about walking her patients through the steps of the treatment process to ease any concerns before a procedure.

November 29, 2013
Cancer Genomics: Improved Understanding of Molecular Changes in Tumors Produces More-Specialized Treatments

With the genomics revolution, scientists and physicians have increasingly been able to peer at the inner workings of tumor cells and pinpoint the specific genetic changes that transform them from their cells of origin into cancer.

September 21, 2012
Pictured: Ronald DeMatteo
Researchers Discover Imatinib’s Effect Is Due Partly to Immune System

A surprising discovery has been made about how the cancer drug imatinib (Gleevec ®) works in treating blood cancers and gastrointestinal stromal tumors.

December 9, 2011
New Facility Eases Patient Experience and Promotes Collaborative Treatment and Research

On June 7 when Memorial Sloan Kettering opened a facility housing the novel Center for Image-Guided Interventions, a suite of endoscopy rooms, and new operating rooms for the Surgical Day Hospital.

July 1, 2010

Related Media Coverage

New Minimally Invasive Surgery Option for Patients with Stomach Cancer

A novel, minimally invasive surgical approach to treat stomach cancer has been shown to have advantages that may make it a preferable treatment for some patients.

April 15, 2009