Analysis of Blood and Salivary Samples for Genetic Studies of Familial Cancers


Full Title

Ascertainment of Peripheral Blood or Saliva Samples for Genetic Epidemiology Studies of Familial Cancers


The goal of this study is to better understand the genetic causes of cancer and the inherited tendency to develop cancer. Researchers are analyzing blood and saliva samples from people with cancer and family members of cancer patients. The samples are then stored for later analysis. Participants are also asked about the history of cancer in their relatives (but no relatives are contacted without a family member asking first if they also want to participate in the study).

Patients and their families are offered a referral for genetic counseling, regardless of their cancer risk, and the options for medical care given their risk.


Participants in this study include those with cancer as well as a history of cancer in first-degree relatives and successive generations. Family members of those patients may also participate.

For more information about this study and to inquire about participation, please contact Dr. Kenneth Offit at 646-888-4050.