Programs of the Supportive Care Service


MSK is a world leader in cancer care, research, and education. Members of the Supportive Care Service embrace the opportunity to include supportive care with leading-edge treatments.

The following are some of the innovative programs we have created to help set the standard for supportive care:

The One-Two-Three Project

The Supportive Care Service aims to support the excellent palliative care given by the cancer care team. At the same time, we want to make it easier to get specialist supportive care when it is needed.

We are pursuing both of these aims with the pioneering One-Two-Three Project. This program addresses the supportive care needs of people with cancer and their families as soon as treatment at MSK begins. The project emphasizes supportive care provided by cancer care teams, with a leading role for nurses. We coach doctors and nurses and meet directly with people who need extra care. The program offers help from the first visit so that patients can meet their milestones. These might include designating a healthcare agent and articulating their key values and goals.


We are exploring the use of telemedicine as a way to provide supportive care to people in their own communities. This reduces the burden and risk of travel for people with cancer and gives them and their families access to MSK’s special care sooner.

The Supportive Care Service currently provides telemedicine consultation and follow-up to patients at our regional sites. Our goal is to eventually reach people when they are at home or work. This way, they will be able to receive supportive care from MSK in the way that is most convenient for them.