Armin Shahrokni, MD, MPH

Pictured: Armin Shahrokni

I am a physician who is trained in both oncology and geriatric medicine. I spend about half my time in the colorectal oncology clinic, where I evaluate and care for patients with colorectal and other gastrointestinal cancers in collaboration with my colleagues from surgery, radiation oncology, and interventional radiology. For elderly or frail patients, I draw from my geriatrics skills to provide better quality of cancer care.

I also spend time meeting with elderly patients who are undergoing surgery. During these meetings, I assess patients’ functional status, comorbid illnesses, medication, cognitive function, risk of fall, and independence with the aim of optimizing their care before, during, and after surgery to speed recovery time.

My research interest is on exploring the role of telemedicine and sensors in providing better care,  especially for elderly patients with cancer. I understand the challenges faced by elderly patients and their family members who must commute long distances for their care. Therefore, I have received a grant from the American Society of Clinical Oncology to explore the field of telemedicine in order to understand the challenges and opportunities that advances in wireless communication technology can bring to cancer patients. My study is examining the rate of hospital readmission and emergency room visits following surgery in elderly colorectal cancer patients. I am a member of the Cancer and Aging Research Group, a multi-institutional collaboration conducting studies in elderly patients with cancer. I am also a member of Alliance Elderly Cancer Committee, and I am on the Scholar Advisory Committee of Hartford Foundation, which focuses on improving care for elderly.  

I am fluent in both English and Farsi.

Clinical Expertise

Colorectal Cancer; Geriatric Medicine

Languages Spoken

MD, Shahid Beheshti University Medical School (Iran); MPH, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health


Griffin Hospital / Yale School of Medicine


UCLA Medical Center

Board Certifications

Internal Medicine

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