Klaus J. Busam, MD

Director, Dermatopathology Service; Director, Dermatopathology Fellowship Program
Klaus J. Busam, MD

As dermatopathologist I examine skin tissue under the microscope to provide my clinical colleagues with information about the nature of their patients' skin disease. I am part of a multidisciplinary team of physicians dedicated to providing the best care to patients affected by skin cancer. The strength of the team reflects the depth of its expertise. Here at Memorial Sloan Kettering we see more patients with unusual or difficult-to-diagnose skin tumors than do clinicians and dermatopathologists almost anywhere else. Furthermore, we have the most advanced diagnostic methods available. Our research focuses on improving the accuracy of skin tumor diagnosis, in particular distinguishing nevi from melanoma.

I am also the Director of the combined Memorial Sloan Kettering/Cornell Dermatopathology Training Program. In this role, I supervise the training of dermatology and pathology residents and fellows in the microscopic examination of skin diseases.

Clinical Expertise


Languages Spoken

MD, University of Freiburg (Germany)


Brigham and Women’s Hospital; Children’s Hospital (Boston)


Harvard Medical School Dermatopathology Program

Board Certifications

Anatomic Pathology; Dermatopathology

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