Laurel J. Steinherz, MD

Director, Pediatric Cardiology
Laurel J. Steinherz, MD -- Director, Pediatric Cardiology

I am the director of pediatric cardiology. My primary focus is on the definition of immediate or long-term effects of cancer and cancer treatment on the heart, and the appropriate management of pediatric patients with these complications. This is particularly important in pediatric cancer, since it is hoped that the children will live for decades after successful treatment. It is therefore essential that we define the cardiotoxicity of new therapies and carefully monitor the heart during and after treatment.

I published some of the earliest research on the acute and long-term cardiac effects of cancer treatment. I have served as the Chair of the Cardiology Committee of the Children’s Cancer Group (CCG) and wrote the CCG’s Guidelines for Cardiac Monitoring of pediatric patients, during and after therapy. These guidelines are still used throughout the United States and around the world. I have designed specific cardiac monitoring incorporated in Memorial Sloan Kettering and CCG treatment protocols. I was also an early advisor and participant in the design of the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study. The results of this research are being used to determine appropriate cardiac monitoring and interventions in survivors of pediatric cancers and to refine the treatment of patients today.

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Clinical Expertise

Noninvasive Cardiac Imaging; Cardiac Complications of Cancer and Therapy; Developmental Chemotherapy

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MD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine


The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center; St. Louis Children’s Hospital


The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center

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Pediatrics; Pediatric Cardiology

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