Peter G. Cordeiro, MD, FACS

Chief, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Service
Peter G. Cordeiro, MD, FACS -- Chief, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Service

Dr. Cordeiro is a leader in the area of oncologic reconstructive surgery at a national and international level. As Chief of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical Service at Memorial Sloan Kettering, he oversees the clinical and research activities of the service as well as the fellowship training program in breast reconstruction and microsurgery.

Within the field of plastic surgery Dr. Cordeiro has made some major intellectual and practical surgical advances. His particular areas of focus include breast reconstruction, microsurgery, and reconstruction in the head and neck. Drawing on a large experience in free tissue transfers for oncologic reconstruction, he has developed new applications for free flaps to establish state-of-the-art approaches to complex reconstructive problems. Areas of innovation include reconstruction of the mandible, maxilla, mid face, pharynx, vagina, and breast. In addition to routine approaches to breast reconstruction, he is currently developing newer techniques and approaches to reconstruction for patients who have been previously radiated or who may require future radiation using implants as well as the patient's own tissues.

Clinical Expertise

Breast reconstruction with implants, autologous tissue, TRAM, DIEP, SGAP, and perforator flaps. Reconstruction of the mandible, midface, maxilla, vagina, head & neck cancers, and Moh’s surgical defects. Cosmetic expertise include: cosmetic breast surgery, facial surgery, and body contouring.

Languages Spoken

MD, Harvard Medical School


New England Deaconess Hospital; New York University Medical Center


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Board Certifications

Surgery; Plastic Surgery

Publications by Peter G. Cordeiro

Selected Book Chapters
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