Samuel H. Selesnick, MD, FACS

Samuel H. Selesnick, MD, FACS

As a surgeon and neurotologist with more than 20 years of experience, I care for people with diseases in and around the ear, including the skull base and intracranial region. Many of my patients have a benign condition known as an acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma), which is a tumor that grows in the ear’s acoustic nerve.

When surgery is necessary, I work alongside neurosurgeons to very precisely remove the unwanted tissue so that hearing is preserved. I also perform radiosurgery as part of a team of radiation oncologists here at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Other skull-base tumors that I treat include meningiomas, epidermoids, and glomus tumors. I also manage the surgical and medical treatment of people suffering from complex ear-related problems such as hearing loss, otosclerosis (an abnormal growth of bone in the ear), cholesteatoma (a skin cyst that grows in the middle ear), and facial nerve tumors.

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Clinical Expertise

Skull-Base Surgery; Acoustic Neuromas and Skull Base Tumors

Languages Spoken

MD, New York University School of Medicine


Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital


University of California, San Francisco

Board Certifications

Otolaryngology; Neurotology

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