Memorial Sloan Kettering interventional radiologist Amy Deipolyi

Amy Robin Deipolyi, MD, PhD

Interventional Radiologist

Clinical Expertise

Image-Guided Interventions; Breast Cancers; Endocrine Tumors; Hepatic Malignancies

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About Me


MD, PhD, University of California (San Francisco)


Massachusetts General Hospital


Massachusetts General Hospital

Board Certifications

Radiology; Interventional Radiology

I am a board-certified radiologist with expertise in interventional radiology. I use CT, MRI, ultrasound, or x-ray to perform minimally invasive procedures. These include locally directed, highly selective cancer therapies; venous sampling for endocrine tumors; and image-guided biopsy. By using state-of-the-art technologies, I can deliver treatments to locations throughout the body. I have been at MSK since 2016.

My clinical interests are liver tumors, particularly liver metastases from breast cancer, and endocrine disorders. I am a member of the MSK Breast Cancer Disease Management Team. I work closely with breast oncologists to provide image-guided biopsy and palliative treatments. I also offer local treatments to metastatic tumors in the liver, lung, and other organs. I specialize in diagnosing endocrine disorders and performing selective venous sampling to help diagnose pituitary tumors, adrenal tumors, pancreatic tumors, and parathyroid adenomas. I can provide surgeons with critical information for removing these tumors.

MSK has one of the best interventional radiology services in the country. I am lucky to work with a fabulous team and use the most-advanced technologic capabilities in our Center for Image-Guided Interventions. For example, we have one of the few combined PET/CT operating rooms in the world. This allows me to perform PET-guided ablations and ensure that entire tumors are treated. Ablations involve placing a probe directly into tumors and using heat or freezing energy to destroy the tumors. This helps avoid the need to remove the tumor during surgery.

My primary research interest is the development of new and improved treatments for breast cancer. I am an investigator on multiple clinical trials. My colleagues and I are studying immunotherapy combined with local thermal ablation to fight metastases throughout the body. I have also become interested in using radioactive particles that are delivered through the arteries into tumors to treat liver metastases from breast cancer.

I am very involved training interventional radiology fellows and residents.

Awards and Honors

  • Kathyrn Grupe Award for Alzheimer’s Research (2006)
  • NYU Healthcare Innovation Makerthon Pitch-Off winner (2015)
  • NYU Healthcare Innovation Makerthon Finale winner (2015)


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Research and Publications

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