Aya Haggiagi , MBChB

About Me

I am a neuro-oncologist who specializes in caring for people with brain tumors. I have expertise in treating both primary tumors — such as low-grade glioma, anaplastic glioma, glioblastoma, ependymoma, and meningioma — and tumors that have spread to the brain from elsewhere in the body. I also treat the neurologic problems that can arise from cancer treatment. As part of a team of highly skilled experts, I strive to provide all my patients with comprehensive, compassionate care.

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My research interests aim to advance the field of precision medicine in neuro-oncology. By using molecular profiling, we can now identify and target specific changes in individual tumors. For our patients, this means we can offer therapies that are tailored to their unique disease. I will be involved in several clinical trials using novel treatments to pinpoint mutations in newly diagnosed brain tumors and brain tumors that have returned after treatment.

People who have been diagnosed with a brain tumor are often left with a fear of the unknown: What will happen next? How will their treatments affect their lives? I hope to reassure all my patients that an entire team of experts will be with them every step of the way. We are here to answer questions, provide support, and deliver world-class care.

  • Clinical Expertise: Low-Grade Gliomas; Anaplastic Gliomas; Glioblastomas; Ependymomas; Meningiomas; Central Nervous System Lymphoma; Brain Metastases (including Leptomeningeal Disease); Neurologic Complications of Cancer (Including Paraneoplastic Syndromes)
  • Languages Spoken: English; Arabic
  • Education: MBChB, University of Al-Fateh
  • Residencies: Neurology - NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center
  • Fellowships: Neuro-Oncology - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Board Certifications: Neurology

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Most major health insurers offer plans that include MSK as one of their in-network providers. If MSK is in-network, it means all our doctors are too. Medicaid and New York State Medicare also provide benefits for care at MSK.

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Clinical Trials

As home to one of the world’s top cancer research centers, Memorial Sloan Kettering is typically involved in more than 900 clinical trials at a given time. Currently, clinical trials focused on the conditions I treat are enrolling new patients. If you’re interested in joining a clinical trial, click to learn about the trial’s purpose, eligibility criteria, and how to get more information.

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