Bryan Husta

Bryan Husta, MD, FCCP

Interventional Pulmonologist


Director, Interventional Pulmonary Outpatient Services; Associate Program Director, Interventional Pulmonary Fellowship

Clinical Expertise

Cryobiopsy; Pleural Effusion Management; Pleuroscopy; Central Airway Obstruction; 3D-Modeled Airway Stenting; Tracheobronchialmalacia; Endoscopic Lung Volume Reduction; Tracheostomy and T-tubes

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About Me


University of Miami, American University of the Caribbean


Internal Medicine - University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Regional Campus


Pulmonary and Critical Care - Georgetown University School of Medicine; Interventional Pulmonary Fellowship - Harvard Medical School/Beth Israel Deaconess/Massachusetts General Hospital

I am an interventional pulmonologist with a special interest in diagnosing and treating cancer. I have a specific concentration in developing new technologies and procedures to offer my patients the least invasive way to manage their respiratory conditions. Having had the opportunity to train under leaders in the field of interventional pulmonology, I have brought their expertise and passion to my own patients. I treat major respiratory conditions, such as complex airways. These include stenosis arising from endobronchial tumors and tracheoesophageal fistulas. I often use airway stents, including 3D-modeled custom airway stents, to treat these conditions. I have an interest in robotic bronchoscopy with advanced image guidance to diagnose and locally treat cancers in the lung.

I work together with thoracic oncologists, thoracic surgeons, otolaryngologists, head and neck surgeons, radiation oncologists, and interventional radiologists to provide patients with multiple treatment options. My goal is to reduce the need for multiple invasive procedures. In my role as Outpatient Director of Interventional Pulmonology, I work with a team to coordinate care with other providers, both within and outside of MSK.

Another specific interest of mine is to optimize the delivery of care in the outpatient setting in order to avoid hospitalization whenever possible. Recognizing that patients require flexible scheduling of outpatient care at local facilities, I am working to provide Interventional Pulmonary telemedicine visits at our satellite facilities to reach people outside the Manhattan area. 

My research interests involve developing new technologies for imaging airway obstructions and for the guidance of peripheral lung procedures. With the application of these novel techniques, we can offer patients with advanced diseases the ability to biopsy and provide emerging therapies to treat their condition using the least invasive means possible. 


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