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Erel Joffe, MD, MSc

Medical Oncologist

Clinical Expertise

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma; Hodgkin Lymphoma; Mantle Cell Lymphoma; Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma; Follicular Lymphoma; Marginal Zone Lymphoma; Small Lymphocytic Lymphoma; Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia; Clinical Trials Research; Novel Therapeutic Agents; Personalized Therapy

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About Me


MD, Tel Aviv University, Sackler School of Medicine


Internal Medicine – Tel Aviv Medical Center


Hemato-Oncology & Benign Hematology – Rabin Medical Center; Advanced Oncology Fellowship – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Board Certifications

Internal Medicine; Hematologic Oncology & Hematology

I am a hematologic oncologist and biomedical informatician. I specialize in treating all types of lymphoma, and have a special focus on follicular, small lymphocytic, marginal zone, and mantle cell lymphomas. I also have extensive experience in treating more aggressive types, such as Diffuse-Large B-cell, Hodgkin’s, and Burkitt’s lymphomas. I am grateful and honored to be part of MSK’s lymphoma team, delivering the most cutting-edge care to our patients.

Before coming to MSK, I trained at two of Israel’s leading medical centers. I then completed an advanced oncology fellowship in the management of lymphoma at MSK, after which I joined the Lymphoma Service. I also completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at University of Texas Health/MD Anderson Cancer Center, where I was the recipient of a career development grant in computational biology from the Keck Foundation. I have held a faculty appointment with the Tel Aviv University Sackler School of Medicine in the Division of Hematology and am currently on the faculty of Weill Cornell College of Medicine. My wide-ranging education, research, and teaching background helps me to stay on the forefront of my field and, ultimately, offer the best care to my patients.

As a bioinformatician, my main interests lie in using data to generate new knowledge that will help tailor treatments to individual patients, as opposed to using a one-size-fits-all approach. I use computational techniques to research the association between genomic features and how a disease will progress. Much of my work is driven by patients I encounter on a daily basis who deserve the best care for their unique situations.

I am also involved in several clinical trials exploring novel combinations of targeted therapies looking for new biomarkers to help select treatments, and precisely identify if and when a disease may relapse.

I am grateful and honored to be part of the excellent lymphoma team at MSK as it allows me to deliver the most cutting-edge care to my patients.

Dr. Joffe


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