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I am a radiologist who specializes in body imaging. My role in the multidisciplinary care of patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering involves diagnosis, staging, and follow-up.

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In addition to my clinical and teaching responsibilities, I have a particular interest in research on gynecologic malignancies and participate in the Gynecologic Disease Management Team.

  • Clinical Expertise: Cross-Sectional Imaging: CT, MRI, Ultrasound
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • Education: MD, Albany Medical College
  • Residencies: University of Texas, Houston, Medical School
  • Fellowships: Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center; Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Board Certifications: Diagnostic Radiology

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As home to one of the world’s top cancer research centers, Memorial Sloan Kettering is typically involved in more than 900 clinical trials at a given time. Currently, clinical trials focused on the conditions I treat are enrolling new patients. If you’re interested in joining a clinical trial, click to learn about the trial’s purpose, eligibility criteria, and how to get more information.

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