Krishna Juluru, MD

Krishna Juluru, MD


Clinical Expertise

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI);Ultrasound; Computerized Axial Tomography (CT); Computed Tomography (CT); Image Guided Biopsies

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About Me


MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions


University of Maryland/VA Maryland Healthcare; Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions

Board Certifications


I am a board-certified radiologist with expertise in imaging the chest, abdomen, and pelvis. I have completed fellowships in MR imaging and imaging informatics. I have been practicing radiology for more than ten years and have been at MSK since 2014.

I serve as Director of Radiology Informatics. In this role, I help bring together our information technology and care teams to make the best use of healthcare technology. This improves the quality of care we provide, enhances patient safety, and streamlines our workflow. I work closely with MSK’s informatics team to optimize the multiple systems that help us deliver the best cancer care.

Working at MSK is especially rewarding because I am able to apply medical skills and information technology to the challenges of cancer care. In my day-to-day work with our healthcare teams, I’m always reminded about the importance of compassion and humanity. I look to apply Informatics tools to enable this already great healthcare team to function even better.

My group is exploring applications of machine learning in healthcare. I am particularly interested in how machine-learning applications can contribute to more-accurate detection and characterization of disease. I am also looking for ways to improve documentation so that our healthcare teams can more quickly detect patterns in our data. We want our doctors to have the information they need to make the best decisions.

I also teach our fellows, residents, and medical students. My colleagues and I take pride in training the next generation of radiologists and providing them with deeper knowledge of cancer care.

MSK provides the ideal environment to fulfill my future goals in cancer imaging. It brings together excellence in cancer medicine and state-of-the-art imaging facilities with integrated clinical, genomic, and imaging expertise.


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Research and Publications

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