Memorial Sloan Kettering Deputy Physician-in-Chief for Clinical Operations Lee Erickson

Lee Erickson, MD

Family Medicine Specialist


Deputy Physician-in-Chief for Clinical Operations

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MD, Case Western Reserve School of Medicine


Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island


National Institute for Program Director Development, AFMRD/American Academy of Family Practice

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Family Medicine

I have dedicated my career to healthcare quality and safety. My focus is on developing innovative care models, redesigning management structures, and identifying how to make healthcare simpler, safer, and more efficient. As Deputy Physician-in-Chief for Clinical Operations, I use data-driven theories and best practices to find ways to improve care across our institution.

The business and industrial engineering worlds can teach us a lot about how to best organize and operate healthcare institutions. I incorporate elements from revered programs such as Lean/Six Sigma and Operational Excellence into my work so that our efforts at MSK are streamlined, our performance improves, and the outcomes are sustained. I look for tangible ways to make progress, large and small, because sometimes it is the simplest changes that make the biggest difference.

I began working in healthcare administration almost by accident. Not long after I finished my residency, I became the medical director of a large practice in Cleveland where I learned a lot about organizational process improvement and patient-centered healthcare. A few years later, the education requirements for physicians in training changed to include process improvement, and I helped create new curricula for the American Academy of Family Physicians. Along my path I have been privileged to work with innovators in healthcare improvement like the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative and Toyota. Because healthcare is constantly changing, we must always be on the lookout for how we can adapt and leverage our insights.

My role at MSK also involves caring for patients in the General Internal Medicine. I am a board-certified family physician, and I see patients when they need to be in the hospital to manage symptoms or acute illnesses.

MSK is a global leader in cancer care. Our patients are the reason we are here, and what drives me is ensuring that they feel valued, cared for, and whole.

When I am not working, I love spending time with my family, cooking, watching movies, and curating my family’s photographs and history.


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