About Our Constant Care Program

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This information explains the Constant Care program at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK).

Your safety is very important to us. In the hospital, you may get treatment or medication that makes it harder to walk safely by yourself. This can put you at risk for falling.

Constant Care Program

To prevent falls, use the call bell before you try to get out of your bed or chair. Use the bell any time you need help. For more information, talk with your nurse or ask for the handout Call! Don't Fall!

Through our Constant Care program, we will monitor you because you’re at a high risk of falling in the hospital.

In this program, your Constant Care observer will watch you on a video screen located in a private area. If you’re at risk for falling, your Constant Care observer will remind you to stay in your bed or chair. You can wait there until another member of your care team comes to help you.

Through this program, your nurse will assess your risk of falling each morning and evening.

Questions and Answers About Constant Care

Is the video recorded?

No. The video is not recorded or stored. It is only used to monitor you during your hospital stay.

What about when I need privacy?

We will always respect your privacy. We will set your video to privacy mode during procedures, your morning care, or anytime you request it.

What if I have more questions about Constant Care?

Talk with your nurse if you have questions about the program.

Tell us what you think

Tell us what you think

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