This information describes what you can do to prevent falling while you’re in the hospital.

  • Call for help every time you need to get out of bed.
  • Do not bend over. If you drop something, call for help.
  • Talk with your nurse about your medications. Certain medications can increase your risk for falls.
  • Avoid leaning on furniture with wheels for support, such as your bedside table, overbed table, and IV pole.
  • Wear laced or closed-toe shoes or slippers with nonskid soles. Do not wear backless slippers.
  • Help us make sure we have:
    • Turned on a night light for you before it gets dark
    • Placed the items you may need within reach
    • Raised your bedrails
    • Made a clear path for you to get to the bathroom
  • Call right away if you see any spills that need to be wiped up. Every time we mop the floor, we will put up a yellow sign to tell you that the floor is wet.
  • Use the grab bars in the bathroom and railings in the hallways.
  • If you have glasses or hearing aid(s), wear them when you’re out of bed.

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