Guided Risk Management

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This guide describes MSK’s Guided Risk Management Program, a free program to support people who are at a higher risk of getting cancer.

Managing Cancer Risk

We all want to protect ourselves from cancer. But some people have a higher risk for cancer than others. That can be because of their genetics or family history, their environment, their health behaviors, or other factors. Knowing your risk factors is the first step toward staying healthy. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) is pleased to be your partner in taking that step.

If you have learned you’re at higher risk for cancer, there’s good news. There are things you can do to help lower your risk, and MSK can help. Our risk management programs try to prevent cancer from developing, or find cancer early when it’s easier to treat.

About Guided Risk Management

Guided Risk Management provides all the resources you need to get the highest quality care wherever you are in your journey to manage your cancer risk.

When you enroll, you’ll have access to an interactive online experience. You can:

  • Get a personal care plan, based on the latest guidelines for your cancer risk factors. Your plan can include a mix of cancer screenings and health interventions to lower your cancer risk.
  • Have access to educational resources so you can learn more about our recommendations for you.
  • View and manage tasks, such as getting regular screenings. You can also get reminders and reports on tasks you finished, and on upcoming tasks.
  • Get support for yourself and your care team when questions arise.
  • Join online events with MSK experts and other people who also are at higher risk for cancer.
  • Have the option to join research that lets us learn more about cancer risk and ways to lower risk.

It’s free to enroll in Guided Risk Management and get all these resources from MSK.

In this program, your local healthcare provider will direct your risk management care. They can be guided by your MSK care plan and our experts.

Program Benefits

Expert guidance

Our Guided Risk Management team specializes in diagnosing and managing risk factors for cancer. They base your care plan on the latest guidelines for risk reduction, given your genetics, family history, and lifestyle. They’re here to answer questions and make sure you’re doing everything you can to lower your cancer risk.

Navigation and coaching

Finding out that you have a genetic change that raises your cancer risk can feel overwhelming. Guided Risk Management can coach you while you’re managing your cancer risk. We can help support you with making important decisions and coordinating your care.

Staying connected

Enrolling in Guided Risk Management gives you access to MSK’s advances in the science behind cancer risk reduction and treatment. Our understanding of cancer risk is changing all the time. We are committed to giving you the latest information so you can better manage your risk.


If you do need cancer treatment, MSK is here for you. As a world-class, comprehensive cancer center, MSK will give you our full support if you choose to get your treatment here.

Next Steps

To enroll or ask questions about Guided Risk Management, reach out to your Genetic Counselor. You can send a secure message using MyMSK, our patient portal. You can also leave a message with our Office Coordinator at 646-449-2202.

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