How to Prepare for Your Paxman Scalp Cooling


This information will help you prepare for your Paxman scalp cooling treatment.

You will need to come to your chemotherapy treatments ready to manage the Paxman scalp cooling part of your treatment. Your nurse will help you connect your cap to the cooling machine in the treatment suite, but you will need to prepare your hair and fit your cap on your own. To help you do this, watch the videos below and practice at home. You may also bring a friend or family member to your appointment to help you.

You can also find these videos on the Paxman website at

Practice At Home

Practice preparing your hair and fitting your cap at least 3 times at home. Use the table below to record your practice sessions.

  Date Did you need help? (Yes or No) Confidence Level (1 low to 10 High)
Practice #1      
Practice #2      
Practice #3      

Before your first chemotherapy treatment, call your doctor’s office to let them know you’re ready for the scalp cooling part of your treatment.

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