Teen and Young Adult Program

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This information explains the teen and young adult program at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK).

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About the Teen and Young Adult Program

We know that the cancer diagnosis and treatment experience of teen and young adults (TYA) is unique. To help support you, MSK offers the Teen and Young Adult Program called [email protected] This program is available to patients ages 16 to 30, no matter what type of cancer you have, what type of treatment you’re getting, or where you’re receiving treatment within MSK.

The Teen and Young Adult Program can help you connect with peers and find all the helpful resources MSK has to offer. For more information, visit www.mskcc.org/experience/patient-support/activities/teen-and-young-adult.

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Program Offerings

The Lounge

The Lounge is a place where you and your guests can hang out and relax. You can make the space your own by using any of the resources available, including:

  • A kitchen stocked with snacks
  • TV’s with cable and movies
  • Art supplies and classes
  • Video games
  • A dry-erase wall
  • Computer stations
  • Board games
  • Books
  • Weekly programs and special events, like movie nights and video game tournaments

The Lounge is located at:

1275 York Avenue
Room C1482B
New York, NY 10065

If you’re entering from the Bobst Building at East 68th Street (444 East 68th Street), take the B elevator to the 14th floor.

If you’re entering from Memorial Hospital, take the M elevator to the 15th floor and walk through the Recreation Center.

The Lounge App

The Lounge app is a social media platform where people ages 18 to 30 can:

  • Connect with other young adults and teens in treatment
  • Find or suggest events at MSK or outside MSK
  • Ask questions and chat with other patients and MSK healthcare providers
  • Find resources

To download the Lounge app, go to the app store on your iPhone or the Google Play store on your Android phone, and search for “the Lounge at MSK.”

You will need a passcode to create an account on the app. To get a passcode, email [email protected] with your full name, date of birth, and phone number.

Peer-2-Peer Network

Peer-2-Peer is a mentoring program that connects you with other people your age who have finished treatment at MSK. You can get support, ask questions, and share your experiences with each other.

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Contact Information

For more information about the Teen and Young Adult Program, call 212-639-8925 or email [email protected].

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