Telemedicine Visits: FAQs

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My appointment time or date changed. Will the “Add to calendar” invitation on MyMSK update by itself?

No. You must make a new calendar invitation with the new appointment information.

Can I talk with my family and friends in the virtual room before my telemedicine visit starts?

You can talk with them while you’re waiting, starting 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Anyone who joins the virtual room with their camera and video on can see and talk with one another. If someone called using audio dial-in, they can hear and speak with others in the virtual room. You can also use the chat feature to chat with anyone who joined on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Can I leave my telemedicine visit and rejoin later?

Yes, you can join or rejoin until the end of your appointment time.

If I leave and rejoin, can I see my earlier chat history?

No. You can only see chat messages sent while you’re in the virtual room. If you leave and rejoin, your chat history will be cleared.

What does a telemedicine visit cost?

If you have questions about billing, please see Help With Your Financial Questions at MSK.

I do not live in New York or New Jersey. What if my healthcare provider is not licensed in my state?

Please contact your healthcare provider’s office to get more information.

Why do we need a camera? Why can’t I just use my phone to talk with my healthcare provider?

A telemedicine visit is like an office visit. It is not the same as a simple phone call. If you’re having trouble with your camera or audio, call 800-248-0593 and press 1 to reach the Telemedicine Help Desk. They will help you with this technology.

How do I get ready for a telemedicine visit that is an exam, including what to wear?

  • Help: Try to have someone with you to help you during the exam, if you can. 
  • Lighting: Be in a room with good lighting but avoid having a window behind you. 
  • Seating: Sit in a simple chair, such as a dining room chair, if you can.
  • Camera: Set up your camera at eye level or a little higher. Prop up your smartphone, so both your hands are free. 
  • Equipment: Try to use laptop with a large screen and camera, if you have one. 
  • Clothing: Try to wear something that shows more of your body, including your neck. Examples are a tank top and shorts. Have a robe or blanket to keep you warm while you wait for your exam to start.

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