Urgent Care and Inpatient Care for Memorial Sloan Kettering Patients at Riverview Medical Center

If you need care right away, Riverview Medical Center can help.

If you have symptoms that you would normally go to MSK’s Urgent Care Center for, you can get care closer to home at Riverview Medical Center (RMC).

If a member of your MSK care team instructs you to go to RMC, they will call the hospital to tell them that you’re on your way. When you get to the hospital, be sure to tell the admitting staff that you are a patient at MSK.

If you’re admitted at RMC, an MSK doctor will see you while you’re in the hospital. MSK doctors have been caring for patients at RMC since 2016. Your doctor at RMC will work closely with your primary MSK care team to coordinate your care.

MSK Monmouth Medical Oncology Team

MSK Monmouth Medical Oncology Team

Getting Care at RMC

1 Riverview Plaza
Red Bank, NJ 07707


When you arrive at RMC, you may use the valet parking service or park in the parking lot. When you enter the hospital, follow the signs to the Emergency Room (ER). There is also an information desk at each entrance in case you need help.

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