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About Your Biliary Drainage Catheter

This information will help you prepare for having your biliary catheter placed and care for it when you are at home.

Caring for Your Nephrostomy Catheter

This information explains your nephrostomy procedure at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) and describes how to care for your nephrostomy catheter.

About Your PleurX Drainage Catheter - Interventional Pulmonology

This information explains how a PleurX® drainage catheter will be placed in your chest and how to care for it.

How to Flush Your Biliary or Abscess Drainage Catheter | Video

This video will demonstrate how to flush your biliary or abscess drainage catheter.

Caring for Your Ileal Neobladder

This information explains how to irrigate (wash out) your ileal neobladder.

Caring for Your Urinary (Foley) Catheter

This information will help you care for your urinary (Foley®) catheter while you’re at home.

Caring for Your Jackson-Pratt Drainage System

This information describes how to care for your Jackson-Pratt® drainage system after you leave the hospital.

The Artificial Urinary Sphincter for Men

This information describes an artificial urinary sphincter (AUS) and the surgery to have it placed.

Caring for Your Pleurx Drainage Catheter - Interventional Radiology

This information explains your procedure to have a PleurX® drainage catheter placed in your chest at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK).

About Your Mandibulectomy and Fibula Free Flap Reconstruction

This information explains your mandibulectomy and fibula free flap reconstruction, including what to expect after.