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Information about Your Treatment for Lymphoma or Multiple Myeloma

This information describes what you should know when you start chemotherapy, including when to call your doctor or nurse and what you should avoid while receiving chemotherapy.

Using Your CADD-Legacy Plus Pump

This information describes how to use your CADD Legacy Plus® pump.

About Your Robotic-Assisted or Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

This guide will help you prepare for your robotic-assisted or laparoscopic hysterectomy at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK), and help you understand what to expect during your recovery.

Treatment for Advanced Breast Cancer

This information explains what advanced breast cancer is, the treatments that are used to manage it, and how to cope with the symptoms you may experience during treatment.

Herbal Remedies and Cancer Treatment

This information describes herbal remedies and the effects they can have on your cancer treatment.

Soft Tissue Sarcoma

This information explains soft tissue sarcoma, including causes, symptoms, and treatment.