Lung Cancer Screening Program

Smoking is a major risk factor for developing lung cancer. At Memorial Sloan Kettering, our Lung Cancer Screening Program provides low-dose lung CT screening to current and former smokers who are at a high risk for developing this disease.

Who We Screen

Through this program, we provide low-dose CT screening for people who:

  • Are between the ages of 55 and 74.
  • Have smoked 30 or more pack years. (This is the number of years smoked multiplied by the number of packs of cigarettes smoked per day. For example, one pack per day for 30 years equals 30 pack years.)

Our eligibility criteria and screening schedule are based on the results of the National Lung Screening Trial, which found that lung cancer deaths were decreased by 20 percent in people who had three low-dose CT scans over two years. (1) Low-dose CT scans have about five times less radiation than conventional CT scans.

You do not need to be a patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering to be screened, and you can refer yourself or be referred by a physician.

Initial Consultation and Follow-Up Scans

On the day of your first appointment, you will meet with a nurse practitioner who will confirm that you are eligible for screening, based on your age and smoking history. If you are eligible, we will perform a low-dose lung CT scan, which only takes a few seconds.

Your scan will be read by a Memorial Sloan Kettering radiologist who specializes in reading lung CT scans. The nurse practitioner will call you in the following days to explain the results and discuss any additional medical care that may be necessary.

As part of this program, you can receive a second scan one year later, and a third scan the following year.

Scheduling Your Screening

Appointments are available on Saturdays between 8:30 am and 12:30 pm on the 8th floor of the Rockefeller Outpatient Pavilion.

For additional information about screening, to schedule an appointment, or to learn more about insurance coverage for screening, please call 646-227-3500.

If you are a current smoker and would like to receive support in quitting, we encourage you to participate in our Smoking Cessation Program.

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