Basal Cell Carcinoma Screening


Our skin cancer experts don’t usually recommend regular screening for basal cell carcinoma. But if you see something that concerns you or that makes you think that you could have skin cancer, you should speak to your doctor right away.

Early treatment reduces the risk of serious cosmetic damage and other complications.

What Happens During a Skin Exam

During a skin exam, your doctor will look for new growths, spots, or bumps on your skin to see if they might be cancerous or precancerous. After the examination, your doctor will show you how to examine your skin and how to tell if any growths have changed.

Basal cell carcinoma can almost always be cured if detected early.

Moles that are asymmetrical (have an uneven shape or surrounding border), have more than one color, or seem to be growing should be watched. When checking your skin, be sure to look over your whole body, not just the parts that are exposed to the sun. This includes your scalp, the soles of your feet, and between your toes.