Find a Brain Tumor Expert

Our team of brain tumor experts — with their expertise in neuro-oncology, neurosurgery, radiation oncology, neuropathology, neuroradiology, and rehabilitation — work together to diagnose and treat patients with metastatic brain tumors.

Because our doctors are also leading clinical investigators, patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering have access to the newest approaches and can participate in clinical trials.

Select from the list below to learn more about our brain tumor specialists, their education, training, board certifications, current publications, and specific areas of clinical expertise.

Lisa M. DeAngelis
Chair, Department of Neurology; Lillian Rojtman Berkman Chair in Honor of Jerome B. Posner
Thomas J. Kaley, MD -- Director, Neuro-Oncology Fellowship Program
Director, Neuro-Oncology Fellowship Program
Pictured: Ingo Mellinghoff
Vice Chair for Research, Department of Neurology; Evnin Family Chair in Neuro-Oncology
Philip H. Gutin
Chair, Department of Neurosurgery; Fred Lebow Chair in Neuro-Oncology
Viviane Tabar, MD
Vice Chair, Research and Education; Theresa Feng Chair in Neurosurgery
Marc K. Rosenblum, MD
Chief, Autopsy Service; Director, Neuropathology; Founder's Chair
Richard M. Gewanter, MD -- Chief, Commack/Rockville Center Radiation Oncology
Chief, Commack/Rockville Center Radiation Oncology
Timothy A. Chan, MD, PhD
Vice Chair, Department of Radiation Oncology; Director, Translational Oncology Division
Andrei I. Holodny, MD -- Chief, Neuroradiology Service
Chief, Neuroradiology Service
Michelle S. Bradbury, MD, PhD
Director of Intraoperative Imaging, Radiology
Sasan Karimi, MD -- Director, Memorial Sloan Kettering 55th Street Radiology
Director, MSKCC 55th Street Radiology
Pictured: Hilda Stambuk
Director, Head & Neck Radiology