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In addition to providing excellent care, physicians at the Brain Tumor Center are constantly working to improve treatment for brain tumors. An important part of this effort takes place in our clinical trials, which investigate a wide range of new approaches to diagnosis and treatment.

Clinical trials offer the best treatment options for many people with brain tumors, either as a first-line approach, or if you have a brain tumor that is not responding positively to other therapies. Our experts can help to determine which clinical trials are right for you.

Because doctors from different disciplines work together closely at the Brain Tumor Center, many of our clinical trials combine different treatment approaches, such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. These aggressive approaches show promise for improving the treatment of many types of brain tumors.

As a member of the North American Brain Tumor Consortium — a brain tumor research group sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) — the Brain Tumor Center also offers qualified patients access to several NCI-sponsored clinical trials, in addition to our own protocols. We are also the lead institution on many brain cancer clinical trials nationwide and around the world.

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