Treatment for Colon Cancer

If you’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer, our specialists are ready to help. They’ll go over your primary treatment options — including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, or a combination of treatments — with you and recommend clinical trials, if you qualify.

If we find the disease early, surgery to remove the tumor is often the most effective treatment option. If cancer cells have metastasized to the liver, lymph nodes, or other parts of the body, chemotherapy can eliminate new tumors or limit their growth. Depending on the specific features of your cancer, your treatment team may recommend one or a combination of these approaches.

How our cancer experts treat your specific case depends on the stage of the disease, namely:

  • the tumor’s size
  • how deeply it has invaded the layers of the colon
  • whether it has metastasized to other organs

The following treatments may be used for colon cancer.

Surgery is the most common treatment for colon cancer, and is often the only treatment needed. It may be minimally invasive or a more traditional open surgery.

Chemotherapy may be given as an additional treatment after surgery or instead of surgery, and may be customized to the genetic changes in your tumor.