Treatment for Colon Cancer

If you’ve been diagnosed with colon cancer, our specialists are ready to help. First, they’ll review your primary treatment options with you. These include surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Or you could do best with a combination of treatments. They’ll also recommend clinical trials if you qualify.

How our cancer experts treat your specific case depends on a few things:

  • the tumor’s size
  • how deeply it has invaded the layers of the colon or rectum
  • whether it has metastasized to other organs

The following treatments may be used for colon cancer.

Surgery is the most common treatment for colon cancer, and is often the only treatment needed if the disease is caught early. It may be minimally invasive or a more traditional open surgery.

Chemotherapy may be given as an additional treatment after surgery or instead of surgery if cancer cells have spread to the liver, lymph nodes, or other parts of the body. It also may be customized to the genetic changes in your tumor.

Radiation therapy is not routinely used in colon cancer. But in situations in which there is concern about the tumor growing back in the original location after surgery, radiation therapy may be considered.