Low-Grade Glioma Treatment

Surgery is often the best way to learn more about a low-grade glioma tumor, as well as remove it. Our neurosurgeons are skilled at using advanced technologies to help protect your vision, movement, and other important functions during brain surgery.

In addition to surgery, some people with low-grade glioma benefit from radiation therapy that uses high-energy rays to shrink or destroy tumors.

Chemotherapy that you get before surgery, or after surgery if you have a tumor that has come back (recurred), also helps some people. We usually consider this option once we know exactly where the tumor is located and also have surgery findings in hand.  

Personalized Medicine

Memorial Sloan Kettering is developing therapies for low-grade glioma that target specific genetic alterations in cancer cells. Findings from molecular and genetic tests enable our specialized pathologists to analyze brain tissue and help in recommending the plan of care that is most likely to shrink or control the specific type of tumor you have.

Our Brain Tumor Center is one of only a few centers in the world that has been using this type of personalized, molecular medicine as a routine part of the treatment of brain tumors. Research in immunotherapy for low-grade glioma is also showing promise.