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Melanoma Research Videos

MSK experts discuss the latest research findings in surgery, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and other treatments for melanoma.

  • Immunotherapy after Melanoma Surgery to Delay Recurrence
    Medical oncologist Paul Chapman provides an overview of a study that analyzed the efficacy of an immunotherapy given immediately after melanoma surgery. The purpose of the treatment was to delay the return of the disease.
  • Treating Melanoma that Has Metastasized to the Brain
    Learn more from Dr. Chapman about two studies that looked at the combination of two immunotherapies to treat people with melanoma that has spread to the brain. The results were presented at the 2017 meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.
  • Delaying Disease Recurrence after Melanoma Surgery
    Dr. Chapman comments on research looking into the use of a combination of targeted therapies after melanoma surgery to delay disease recurrence.
  • Lymph Node Removal after Melanoma Surgery
    A recent study analyzed whether lymph nodes should be removed during melanoma surgery or if a watch-and-wait approach is equally as effective. Dr. Chapman explains the impact for people with melanoma.
  • Single versus Combination Immunotherapy to Treat Melanoma
    Dr. Chapman explains a study that compared two single immunotherapies to a combination of the two to treat people with melanoma. The results were presented at the 2017 meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.