Follow-Up Care & Support

Regardless of the type of pituitary tumor you have been treated for, your doctor will want to see you periodically and perform certain tests to ensure that your tumor has not returned.

If medication is part of your treatment, you may need to take it for the rest of your life to prevent a recurrence of your tumor. Whenever possible, this should be done under the supervision of an experienced endocrinologist.

To help you manage the complications and various issues that may arise as a result of being treated for a pituitary tumor, we provide the following resources.

Integrative Medicine Service

Our Integrative Medicine Service is designed to enhance patients’ quality of life through healing regimens that address the body, mind, and spirit. Beneficial complementary therapies include various types of massage, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, meditation, visualization and other mind-body therapies, music therapy, and nutritional counseling, as well as classes such as yoga, t’ai chi, and chair aerobics.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Counseling Center

Our Counseling Center offers individual and family counseling sessions to help patients and their families address the problems they may encounter in adjusting to life during and after treatment.