Cervical Cancer


At Memorial Sloan Kettering we provide comprehensive, leading-edge care for women with cervical cancer. Using a multidisciplinary team approach, our outcomes after surgery for both advanced and recurrent disease are among the best in the world. Progress in minimally invasive surgical techniques, including refinements in robotics — we employ the latest da Vinci® Surgical System platforms — have transformed the treatment of this cancer, resulting in such benefits as decreased postoperative pain, improved cosmetic results, and faster recovery. The sensitivity and specificity of our sentinel lymph node mapping approach spares many young women from complete lymph node dissection and possible attendant complications

We serve as a major referral center for women of reproductive age with early-stage cancer due to our experience in fertility-preserving radical trachelectomy, a novel surgical approach popularized by our surgeons. Radical trachelectomy has demonstrated efficacy in removing early cervical cancer without compromising oncologic outcomes. The majority of women attempting conception after this procedure are successful, and most babies are delivered full term. Our team meets weekly to review and discuss each patient’s case and treatment plan.