Interventional Radiology

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Stephen Solomon, Chief of the Interventional Radiology Service, discusses techniques used at our state-of-the-art Center for Image Guided Intervention—from minimally invasive biopsies to palliative procedures.
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Interventional radiologists at our Center for Image-Guided Intervention perform more than 11,000 diagnostic and treatment procedures annually. Our physicians work with surgeons, and radiation and medical oncologists to apply minimally invasive, image-guided tools to patient care and provide leading-edge cancer treatments including tumor ablation and radioembolization procedures.

Patients often undergo “conscious sedation” in place of general anesthesia and can have cancerous tissue sampled and destroyed without the need for an incision, reducing the risk for complications. Recovery time is in many cases dramatically reduced. Memorial Sloan Kettering frequently partners with referring physicians to provide access to this powerful tool.