Liver Cancer

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Medical oncologist Nancy Kemeny reviews evidence for HAI in extending survival and improving quality of life for patients with colorectal cancer and liver metastases.
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Over the past decade, Memorial Sloan Kettering has treated more than 5,000 patients with primary liver cancer. Our multidisciplinary liver cancer team has pursued numerous novel strategies to improve the non-surgical treatment of individuals with advanced or recurrent disease. For example, we led the first clinical trial that evaluated sorafenib, a novel biologic that stops liver cancer cells from replicating or targeting the blood vessels that nourish liver tumors.

We also pioneered the clinical development of the highly targeted chemotherapy technique, hepatic arterial infusion (HAI), which delivers chemotherapy directly to the liver through an abdominal pump. In a recent Memorial Sloan Kettering study, nearly 70 percent of patients with primary liver cancer survived for at least two years following HAI chemotherapy alone.

In addition, our liver cancer surgeons perform nearly 300 procedures annually, and have demonstrated that improved outcomes and long-term survival rates are associated with institutions with a high volume of liver procedures such as our own.

Experts on our liver cancer team works closely together, meeting weekly to review cases and bringing a variety of clinical perspectives and experience to the development of individualized treatment plans. The team also shares clinical trial results, reviews surgical pathology reports, and plans research studies together.